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Neuma Introduces Cross-Platform Hot-Standby Disaster Recovery

ALM Expo and Ottawa, Canada - September 15, 2005 - Neuma Technology today announced the availability of a cross-platform Hot-Standby Disaster Recovery capability for CM+. The technology permits users to instantly switch to a secondary site in the event of a failure of their primary site.

Neuma’s hot-standby disaster recovery is derived from its CM+ Multi-Site product that permits a CM+ repository to be replicated and continually synchronized across multiple locations, whether overseas or down the hall.

Neuma clearly understands the importance of disaster recovery capability in today’s post 9/11 world. Not only can a user see (and update) identical information using a different site, but the sites do not even have to be using the same platform technology. One site may be running Linux, another a Microsoft server and another Unix - different architectures, but the same repository, allowing the greatest flexibility for protecting your most valuable electronic resources.

“A NASA software development site, shutdown by either a natural or man-made disaster, does not have to be brought back on-line before its developers and contractors can get back to work. They simply switch sites and continue working from where they left off,” explains Joe Farah, Neuma’s President and CEO.

The biggest surprise is how easy it is to setup and administer. CM+ uses Neuma’s STS repository transaction technology to significantly reduce bandwidth requirements and minimize administration. The disaster recovery capability may be used in conjunction with either a CM+ MultiSite deployment or with a CM+ Enterprise single site. In the former configuration, users at any of the sites see the same set of information and can commit transactions against their local site. Each of the other sites act as a hot-standby site.

The disaster recovery capabilities, like their CM+ MultiSite counterparts, cover all transactions in the application life cycle – source code, requirements, problem reports, test cases, documents, changes, build records, and so forth. There is no need to establish separate recovery capabilities for each application.

The disaster recovery solution is built on Neuma’s advanced STS architecture, which sequences the transactions so that they may be applied at any site without having to wait for other sites to apply them. The disaster recovery software automatically recovers from network outages.

“We wanted to do this right. We’ve worked through all of the issues – intermittent network outages, slow networks, bottlenecks. We also made sure that we could do this across the most common platforms – Unix/Linux and Windows”, added Farah. “Then we targeted a zero-administration goal, including setup. We’re just about there – setup still takes a few minutes and we want to add additional monitors to detect things like disk space running out.”

It doesn’t take a major disaster for the technology to pay off either. As Farah recalls, “I remember the first time Neuma had a major server disk crash and didn’t have to rush to backup tapes and hardware. We simply switched over and continued working. Then we brought up a new site to restore our protection. I’m sure our customers appreciate us using our own technology in-house.”

Neuma Technology Inc. is a pioneer and leader in providing advanced Configuration Management technology. It’s flagship product, CM+ Enterprise, first released in 1991, provides end-to-end Application Lifecycle Management in a small footprint, highly configurable package.

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