Neuma Technology: CM+ Enterprise Software Configuration Management for Application Lifecycle Management

Neuma Technology Inc. provides the world's most advanced solution to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle.
Neuma Technology Inc.

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About Neuma

Neuma Technology is dedicated to developing quality products, technologies and services to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle. For over 25 years customers have relied on Neuma's wealth of experience and understanding of the complexities of software lifecycle management to assist them in delivering quality products to their markets.

Neuma's flagship product is CM+, a high-performance Enterprise Software Configuration Management System which provides an automated environment for the management of quality software projects. Based on a process-oriented database and workflow technology, CM+ provides reliable configuration management capabilities, within a tightly integrated set of applications. CM+ is a fourth-generation solution offering unique approaches to managing software releases with integral change management and true stream based development.

Founded in 1990, Neuma has invested heavily in an intensive research and development program in order to achieve world-class profile in its technology area. Neuma pioneered the concept of parallel stream, changed-based development and was the first to market with a tightly integrated suite of applications based on an advanced, hybrid repository.

Neuma has worked with a number of high profile clients to reduce their costs, provide total control of their software development cycles and increase the quality of their resulting software products. Since client's automation needs vary according to their individual goals, flexibility and adaptability are key to providing individual solutions. Neuma provides an exceptional level of client support with an emphasis on accessibility and responsiveness.