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Neuma Technology Inc. provides the world's most advanced solution to manage the automation of the software development lifecycle.
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Neuma Products for Application Lifecycle Management
CM+ Enterprise for
Application Lifecycle Management

Reduce Complexity. Focus on Change Management

CM+ Enterprise

CM+ Enterprise is Neuma's solution for Application Lifecycle Management. It provides the enterprise level tools you need to manage and automate your full software development lifecycle. From Program/Portfolio Management to Continuous Process Improvement, CM+ Enterprise gives your management team complete visibility and control over all disciplines and phases of your development process. At the same time your development team is working with the world's most advanced software configuration management system, employing integral change management and true stream based development to reduce cycle times, reduce complexity and improve quality.

CM+ Enterprise functions for Application Lifecycle Management

Apply a unified process to your global development. Track your full product roadmap, including sub-products, components and all release streams. Then start funnelling requirements, features and problem reports to your design teams. The builds and releases they generate are completely traceable back to the originating requirements, and you have a full audit trail of every change made to your products.

Extend your solution by configuring schema, menus, process flows and automation. Or add entirely new applications with the built-in RAD capability and expand the functional footprint across your organization.

  • One Architecture. Enterprise-wide, Real Time Visibility
  • High-performance, Near-zero Administration Repository
  • Configurable Processes, Applications and User Interface
  • Integral Change Management and True Stream Based Development

Real-Time Visiblity for All Project Stakeholders

CM+ Enterprise connects all your project stakeholders to a single repository through a role-based, configurable user interface. Executive managers, marketing managers and program managers all have real-time access to key artifacts that drive their business. Designers and team-leads can quickly collaborate on changes, while ensuring they develop against a stable build. Testers and QA managers have instant access to the changes and change drivers that went into their build. Project managers can determine up to the minute project status based on real deliverables, not guess work.

CM+ models your lifecycle artifacts with the correct first class objects, and links the information together in its unique hybrid database, through hierarchical and many to many relationships. Unlike many other systems, CM+ does not overload a single object to track different artifacts. Requirements, features, issues and changes are all distinct, with their own process workflows.

Find out more about the tightly integrated suite of applications in CM+

High-Performance, Near-Zero Administration Repository

Build your business case: CM+ improves the bottom line.

Neuma's high-performance repository is called STS, and is the cornerstone of CM+. STS employs an advanced hybrid database (object and relational), transaction engine, workflow engine and command language to give you an enterprise class repository without the cost and administration of a separate database.

The STS transaction engine lets you document, trace and audit all of your repository changes with automatic transaction journalling and repository checkpoints. The fully executable transaction journals support hot backups, rollbacks and outage recovery. With CM+ MultiSite, not only can you connect your geographically distributed operations, but you can also maintain a hot standby site in case of regional outages. Ensure regulatory compliance, while maintaining IT reliability and efficient operation.

The STS repository is platform independent and pick-up-and-drop portable between platforms. The smart-client architecture and advanced source compression reduce your footprint and processing requirements. CM+ will support hundreds of users on relatively low-end platforms, and you can easily move from UNIX to Windows to Linux simply by copying your repository. Why spend money on additional servers just to run your CM system?

Integral Change Management and True Stream Based Development

Build your business case: Still running a second generation SCM system?

Change management is not just a way of packaging files together with a problem or requirement. It is a way to evolve your products through well engineered changes and a managed change control process. In CM+ Enterprise, change management gives you full traceability between your deliverables and the upstream artifacts that drove them: requirements, features and problems. It lets you configure and control the change process, and demonstrate to all stakeholders, including outside auditors, exactly what changes are going into your products and why.

Neuma Whitepaper: Change Package-based versus Task-based Change Control

Stream based development is not just a way to put your product branches onto a hierarchy, nor is it a way to map your file promotion model, including developer sandboxes, into branches. Stream based development in CM+ turns your product road-map into true parallel release streams, ensuring each stream acts as a pipeline for your requirements, features, problems and change packages. Neuma pioneered the stream based development model in the early 1990's, later expanding it to support multi-product management and requirements management.

Together, integral change management and stream based development in CM+ give you unparalleled control and flexibility while making life easier for your designers, configuration managers and project managers.

  • Labelling is eliminated. Configurations are tracked as fixed baselines, alignments that reflect your change control process, or flexible build records that let you control exactly which changes are in the build.
  • Branching is automatic and done only when required. Maintenance fixes can be automatically incoporated into later streams.
  • Merging is rarely required, dramatically reducing your regression testing requirements. Designers can control which changes they share and which ones they don't without having to keep sandbox branches.
  • You can focus on managing your changes rather than tracking your product configuration. Create new baselines simply and automatically by aligning selected changes into your configuration.

Configurable Processes, Applications and User Interface

CM+ Enterprise: Fully Configurable Process, Schema, Application and GUI

CM+ Enterprise lets you easily configure and customize all aspects of your solution including the data schema, process workflow, command rules and triggers, and role-based, user interface.

As well as built in configuration functions, CM+ Enterprise includes a RAD capability that lets you add completely new applications to manage other phases of your software development lifecycle. These new applications are tightly integrated, and track their data in the same repository.

Neuma Technical Services can provide customization training and consulting services to help you map and extend your process in CM+.